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Idaho Photography Studios has a clear, straightforward price list that sets us apart. Unlike many photography studios, we believe in transparency, so we openly display our prices, ensuring you’re fully aware of what you’ll pay and get.

We provide a starting cost for more intricate ventures like Advertisement, Architecture, and Commercial photography. Since these projects can be pretty elaborate, we present a foundational rate. However, as complexity varies, most larger projects necessitate a custom quote to determine the ultimate expense.

This page briefly describes our products with links to their respective pages.

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Family Portrait Photography – The Masters Series

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Architectural Photography

Scentsy in Meridian Idaho. - Price List

Architectural photography is a genre that focuses on photographing buildings or structures, including the interiors and exteriors of buildings, bridges, structures, and cityscapes. 

Architectural Photography Architectural Photography Gallery Architecture Photography Pricing

The goal is to create visually appealing images that showcase various architectural elements such as design, shape, texture, and intricate details.

The goal is to showcase architecture’s unique and artistic aspects, highlighting features that might go unnoticed. Photographers use composition, lighting, and perspective to create striking images that document the architecture and convey a sense of the building’s character and the architect’s vision.

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography involves capturing images to promote or sell products, services, or businesses.

Deli Shop

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It’s all about creating appealing and eye-catching visuals that showcase the subjects’ features, benefits, and qualities.

Whether photographs for advertisements, catalogs, websites, or brochures, commercial photographers skillfully use lighting, composition, and creativity to convey messages effectively and attract potential customers’ attention.

Executive and Headshots Photography

Professional Head and Shoulder Portraits - Price List

Executive headshots are professional photographs focusing on a person’s face, typically capturing them from the shoulders up.

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These specialized portraits serve as powerful tools for personal branding and experienced representation.

Business professionals, including CEOs, managers, and other corporate leaders, frequently rely on executive headshots to present themselves in a polished and approachable manner. These images establish a strong first impression, conveying professionalism, confidence, and credibility.

Beyond the corporate realm, actors, models, and individuals from diverse fields also utilize headshots to showcase their appearance and personality. Whether featured on company websites, LinkedIn profiles, or promotional materials, well-crafted headshots are crucial in leaving a positive impact and setting them apart in their chosen domain. All purchased headshots undergo meticulous retouching and color correction, ensuring a final product that exudes polish and professionalism.

Headshots are powerful tools for individuals, including actors and models, to showcase their appearance and personality. These photos are crucial in various contexts, such as company websites, LinkedIn profiles, or promotional materials. By providing a glimpse of who they are and what they represent, headshots enable people to stand out and positively impact their chosen field.

Additionally, clients can purchase the number of looks they intend to use. These images are licensed based on a predetermined timeline and usage rate. All purchased and packaged photographs undergo retouching and color correction to ensure quality and effectiveness.

Family Portrait Photography

Family Portraits act as cherished time capsules, preserving the essence of our loved ones and the bonds we share for generations to come. These timeless snapshots capture our physical appearances and the emotions, connections, and stories that define us.

Masters Series Family Portrait

Boise Family Masters Series Family Portraits Gallery Family Portraits - Family Pricing

Beginning Family Portrait

Portrait Photography - Girl Storytime - Price List

The significance of family portraits lies in their ability to freeze fleeting moments, allowing us to revisit the warmth and laughter of gatherings, the growth of children, and the evolution of our relationships.

Boise Family Masters Series Family Portraits Gallery Family Portraits - Family Pricing

Whether displayed on walls or stored digitally, these portraits testify to our shared history, fostering a sense of identity and belonging. By immortalizing our families in these visual narratives, we ensure that our shared experiences and connections remain vivid and rememberable, reinforcing the importance of kinship and the beauty of togetherness over time. Please visit our Family Portrait Gallery for examples of our work. 

Family Portrait Photography – The Master Series

Masters Series - Family Portrait 8

Discover a unique and exclusive family portrait experience with the Masters Family Portrait Series, offered exclusively by Idaho Photography Studios. Step into the heart of the Masters family’s lifestyle as their home becomes the canvas for capturing cherished moments.

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More From the Master Series

With a keen focus on the family’s distinctive way of life, these portraits vividly showcase the family’s vibrant dynamics against the backdrop of their beautiful home. Through a skillful blend of artistry and technology.

The Masters Family Portrait Series creates stunning, lifelike images that are not just photographs but heirlooms worthy of adorning any wall.

Masters Series - Family Portrait

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High School Senior Photographs

Senior Portrait Photography - Price List

High School Senior Portraits are professional photos of students in their last year of high school. These photos show their personality and accomplishments and can be kept as memories.

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Product Photography

Product Photography captures pictures of items sold, like gadgets, clothes, or food, to make them look appealing and detailed. It involves arranging the products, using proper lighting, and selecting the right angles to highlight their features and qualities.

Amazon, eBay, and eCommerce Professional photographs.

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The goal is to create images that showcase the items in the best possible way, often for advertisements, online stores, or catalogs, so that people who see the pictures are more likely to want to buy the products.

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